Monday, December 19, 2011

Winter Doldrums or Holiday Cheer?

December brings early sunsets and holiday decorations. We could get depressed by the dark and dreary view outside our windows during the after- school hours… With the early winter sunsets we are no longer getting the strong afternoon sun streaming in our office windows. Or we could be happy with the holiday decor in the shopping plaza around us. Either way shopping seems to lift the spirits. We’ve done our holiday shopping by adding new braces colors. To match the seasonal boughs of holly we have true red and bright red along with true green, jade, pastel green, neon green and teal. For our Chanukah spirit we have blue (glow, pastel, true or metallic) and white. Our latest color additions are the glow blue, bright red, and jade which we received today, and the neon orange, neon green, and neon pink which we added this Fall. We hope our new braces color choices help brighten your holiday spirit.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Zygge Handyman

Somehow having a game cube for entertainment in the office waiting room invites footprints on the wall. Recently I was discussing with the father of several of my patients how upsetting it was that I could not scrub the footprints off the wall. He responded with “I can fix that.” As he described the solution his child immediately dragged him to another of my needed repairs: the arm on my dental chair (which requires frequent repair because patients push it out of the way without pushing the release button). The child said with pride, “My father can fix this too.”

So this weekend Zygge the handyman came to paint my reception area as well as the wall behind my new x-ray machine. He attached plexi-glass to the walls surrounding the game-cube, repaired the arm of the dental chair, and he even repaired the window screens. I was impressed that the office did not smell from fresh paint just hours after painting, and that there was absolutely no construction mess after the job. Zygge paid attention to every detail!

Zygge Handyman also does roof repairs, tiles, kitchen and bathroom remodeling, flooring, painting, door locks, and replacing windows, doors and faucets. He does all the work himself; he does not hire day laborers. Zygge can be reached at (914) 438-7533. He and I agree on his motto: “The best advertisement is word of mouth and doing a good job.”