Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Dr. Okun Judges Posters for Children's Dental Health Month

Dr. Judith Okun is one of the judges for the Ninth District Dental Society’s Annual Poster Contest for children from grades K through 12. The winners from our district are sent on to compete in the New York State Dental Health Poster Contest.

This year’s assignment was to design a place-mat style poster depicting ways to maintain our dental health. Entries included animated toothbrushes, floss, tooth-paste and mouth germs. There were also creative game-boards and computer generated characters. Many of the place-mats encouraged including healthy foods like fruits and vegetables in our diets, and eating fewer sugary treats. Brushing your teeth, visiting the dentist frequently, wearing braces for a beautiful smile, and wearing a protective sports guard for contact sports rounded out the themes.

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