Monday, March 28, 2011

A beautiful smile can change your self image.

A beautiful smile can change your self image. It’s never too late to wear braces. Although orthodontic need can be evaluated in children as young as age 7 (to guide growth and create the proper balance for teeth to erupt), adults often wear braces to help them achieve that winning smile they never had, or to help them look young again. Dr. Judith A. Okun is a board certified orthodontist committed to providing her patients with comprehensive orthodontic care and TMJ treatment. When she eliminates jaw-joint and face pain in patients who grind their teeth or have sustained a trauma to the jaw, she helps “TMJ patients” to smile too. Dr. Okun incorporates the latest technology, including the Electro-Acuscope/Myopulse System for pain management; metal, clear, lingual and removable braces, aligner treatment (Clear Correct/ Invisalign), temporary anchorage devices, dental- guards for TMJ, and custom athletic mouth-guards. Our technological advancements include digital x-rays, photos and study models, as well as 24/7 patient access web services. You too can have a beautiful smile.

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Yes I am totally agree with u because good smile is always provide the self confidence and try to change the self image.

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