Thursday, October 25, 2012

I like the blue one.

I have fish hanging from my treatment room ceiling- not real fish, fake ones. I have beanie babies and mobiles so that patients have something to look at while they are having their braces adjusted. Today I was taking braces off of a 9 year old patient while her mom and 2 year old sister were watching. Because the family will be doing a lot of over-seas traveling they elected to have 2 sets of retainers made, one in red-purple (a bright pink) and one in blue-ice (a clear blue). This way there would be a spare if the 9-year old lost or broke her retainers while they were in Europe. The mother and patient were having a discussion about the color of the retainers but the younger sister was having a discussion of her own- about the fish on the ceiling. I laughed when the 2- year-old announced to her mother: “you like the blue fish and I like the pink fish, just like (sister’s) ‘tainers (retainers).” What interesting logic!

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