Thursday, May 30, 2013

”No, the princess is not my patient, but everyone wants to feel like a princess (or prince) at their wedding.” Getting that perfect smile is just one step in the process.

This month Dr. Judith Okun has been invited to two weddings of previous patients. One family started all the orthodontic treatment for their children as older teens/ young adults in order for each to have a beautiful smile to “catch” the perfect spouse. This is the third child to get married since "doing their braces" with Dr. Okun. The other family felt that the personal attention Dr. Okun gives to her patients created a special bond between the doctor and each of their children. They felt it was important for their son to invite all the people who had contributed to his becoming the person that he was, and that Dr. Okun was a huge influence on his life. Dr. Okun reports that last night, “I was watching the sister, brother, and cousins of the groom smile, and realized they also were all my smiles.”

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