Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Braces Are Not Just For Looks

"It's not just for looks"
     This woman came in for treatment because she wanted to look younger. (She was concerned about the second tooth from the front on the top left, and the second tooth from the front on the bottom right.)  At "over fifty" she was not aware that none of her side teeth touched, because they "never had before."  After braces she now has straight front teeth AND she can also chew her food on the sides.
     This is someone who should have been taught proper tongue posture as a child.  Tongues are very strong muscles that can move teeth.  If a person learns proper "tongue and lip" posture when they are young, the teeth can erupt fully.  If the tongue is kept over the side teeth it blocks the teeth from growing in fully, and can even push the teeth further apart.  Tongues can also create spacing between teeth.
     Dr. Okun takes the time to review proper "tongue and lip" postures with all of her patients.  This way the teeth can be brought to -and retained in- a favorable position for life.  Its never too late to invest in that beautiful smile!

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