Sunday, November 27, 2016

I can fix that!

Orthodontists have many skills which are useful to straighten teeth.  These skills can also be used outside the office.
Recently my bottom refrigerator shelf split from using it to support heavy pots.  It seemed ridiculous to replace the refrigerator when the motor still worked.  After staring at the broken shelf for months I said to myself, “I can fix that.”  Using the method which my grandfather, Dr. Joseph Okun, used to repair dentures, and which my father, Dr. Stanley Okun, adapted to repair retainers, I set out to repair my refrigerator shelf.  I drilled holes on both sides of the crack, and sewed .012 ligature-wire across the crack.  On the top side of the shelf I flowed Triad Gel over the “stitches” to create a smooth surface, and light cured the gel.  Then I used cold cure acrylic on the underside of the shelf, to add strength to the repair.  I restored the support leg with .045 retainer wire and cold cure acrylic, the same way that I used to transfer copings when I still did general dentistry. Now my refrigerator shelf is as good as new!

How handy is your orthodontist?

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